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Description:   A simple P2P application meant to create small, semi-private overlay networks. It includes messaging and file sharing.

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OpenSource P2P Net The OpenSource P2P Network is a filesharing network made up of free open source clients only. Patches, mods and code will be available here. It's a true P2P sharing network with no greed or 3rd parties involved!

P2P for intelligence intehange The goal is to create a P2P based project destinated to "interchange intelligence". Create a system where you can learn what you want. Online bigger library ...

P2P multicast library P2P multicast Library (PML) provides an API to P2P applications to support the transport of resources between P2P applications using IP multicast. State of the art technologies will be used to provide reliability, scalability and congestion control.

P2P-GUI Web Frontend P2P-GUI is a web frontend for MLdonkey/aMule/rTorrent/Transmission/giFT. It combines multiple web interfaces with multiple client back-ends on top of a simple and fast web server.

Qt DNS P2P A P2P DNS software framework research platform for exploring the decentralization of the DNS system through the use of P2P architecture. Traditional DNS appearance on the frontend, and P2P on the backend. Cross Platform Qt/C++SQL Backend

Rodi P2P Rodi is a tiny P2P client/host (under 300K of binary code) implemented in pure Java. The program will serve the filesharing community with fast data delivery and serve the Open Source community by facilitating faster software deployment.

TCBnet - P2P Content Push This project aims to create a distributed network (P2P) for pushing files to the interested nodes. Unlike nowadays p2p applications, TCB net would not support queries nor requests for files. It will solely depend on the will of a user to add it to the ...

scudo p2p questo e' un programma di p2p di terza programma cerca le connessioni con i vicini che sono gli unici che conoscono qualcosa del nostro traffico...... cripta il passaggio di file usando un algoritmo a chiave simmetrica RC4

BLySP: A P2P lyrics searching protocol BLySP is in development as a mean to research and test new and improved P2P protocols. BLySP will, in a near future, make use of BestLyrics to collect the necessary resources (i.e. computers) to accomplish the difficult task of testing and tuning protoco

CAN-P2P Simulator A discrete-event simulator P2P networks based on the Content-Addressable Network (CAN). It simulates routing, data replication, and the impact of related attacks.

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FastMicro - Academico FastMicro is a web-based application for e-business. It is intended to manage PC stores. It's an academic project, part as "Software Engineering" classes taken from March/06 to July/06. Please, see "Read me" post at News section for more information

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